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Was ist unsere Mission?

Wir wollen objektiv und unabhängig herausfinden, welche Hautpflege am besten wirkt.


Wir haben einen Skin Coach mit künstlicher Intelligenz entwickelt

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Künstliche Intelligenz

Wir verwneden künstliche Intelligen, um die Veränderung des Hautzustandes, wie Akne, Pickel, Hyperpigmentierung, Falten, Altersflecken, etc. zu messen.

Unser Skin Coach wird dabei die Veränderungen über einen längeren Zeitraum messen.

Wir führen unabhängige Langzeitstudien durch

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Unabhängige Langzeitstudien

Wir haben es uns zum Ziel gesetzt, unabhängige Langzeitstudien durchzuführen, um beurteilen zu können, welche Hautpflege Produkte für die unterschiedlichen Hautzustände am besten wirken.

unser Skin Coach kann 80% der Hautpflegeprodukte unseren Anwendern emfpehlen.

Wir wollen eng mit der Komsetikindustrie zusammenarbeiten

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Zusammenarbeit mit Kosmetikherstellern

Wir wollen Kosmetikherstellern unsere Produkteinblicke zur Verfügung stellen, um dadurch Produktformeln und Wirkungsgrade zu verbessern.

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Simone Kalbfell


Skincare is a big topic for me – it started in my teenage years when I became blemished and acne-prone skin. That was when my journey to and the search for effective products started. While I was working in the USA and in Sweden I found skin changing products which were recommended by physicians but not available in the classical cosmetic retail or pharmacy shops. I explored the world of active ingredients and realized – yes your skin changes when you know how to treat it right. At the beginning it was just a personal passion which brought along a lot of trials and huge amount of purchases in order to see how these promising products work. Then I started to suggest plenty of products to my family and friends and this was the start when the idea of LEZAY was born.

Why starting with a new brand – if there are launched every year around 1,200 new labs? Why not creating a platform where I have my skin profile and where I can try out products that have active ingredients?

Hence, I have developed with my team the vision to provide you with a skincare platform that enables you to first define your skin type and concern and then to try products that really regenerate your skin. We offer you potent products full of active ingredients and that can truly change your skin to a better and more beautiful you.

We are excited to accompany on your individual journey to find skincare products that fit you.


Raphael Lafargue


I am coming from a very different field: sustainability enhancement in building design. So how did I change?

I accompanied and contributed to LEZAY from the beginning. The idea to really set a corner stone and to help people to find the right products for their skin concerns by the help of a learning algorithm is fantastic.

I truly believe as well that Performance and Sustainability are the key for a perfectly optimized logistic and supply chain approach. Making our customers happy to receive their packages on time by dealing with all logistic inbound / outbound processes but in the meantime choosing the most environmental-friendly solutions for shipping, storing or manufacturing, that's the challenge!


Kyndrea Martinez


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