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Get Healthier younger skin

LEZAY Skin Coach uses your smart phone’s powerful features to personalize your skincare.

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It works like a digital dermatologist

Learn about your skin health.

After signing-up our skin coach will evaluate with you:

Your skin type e.g. normal, oily, dry, or combination
Your skin concerns such as blemishes, acne, uneven skin tone, dehydration, etc.
Your skin specifics such as Rosacea or allergies

  • Pores
  • Acne
  • Environment

Your skin coach scans your skin concerns and measures improvements

The skin coach scans your skin concerns such as blemishes, wrinkles, enlarged pores etc. and analyzes its improvements.
Skin Concerns can be improved with matching and effective skincare.

Daily face scans provide the best insights.

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Your skin coach finds the best skincare for your current skin profile

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For too long too many non-effective skincare products have been thrown on the market. By using the LEZAY skin coach you will learn from the LEZAY community which produces are effective to improve your specific skin concerns.

LEZAY is independent from skincare manufacturers.

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What our customers are saying

Emma testimonial

I have had my entire life atopic dermatitis problems and it is super difficult for me to buy skincare products. The Skin Coach app helps me to see how the skincare worked on other people with atopic dermatitis and supports my purchase decision making process.

Emma, 22 London

Robin testimonial

I have had acne for more than 2 years now and it is really annoying. However, the LEZAY Skin Coach App helps me to find matching skincare that improves my acne and teaches me to consider my lifestyle and internal factors. I am using the LEZAY Skin Coach app and have significantly improved my skin condition without any antibiotics.

Robin 18, Reutlingen

Judith testimonial

I am very proud on my little family: 1 daughter and 2 sons. But since I have become a part-time mum my life is super hectic and busy.<br>The LEZAY Skin coach helps me to monitor my skin to find matching skincare products and to get recommendations about internal factors.

Judith, 34 Hamburg

Marie testimonial

Since my pregnancy and birth my skin has changed. The LEZAY skin coach helps me to understand and monitor its current condition and to see which skincare products work well or not. Moreover, I also learn about my lifestyle and get recommendations to protect my skin from inside.

Marie 31, Brieve France

Download LEZAY Skin Coach absolutely free.


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About Us

The Skin Coach tracks the fitness of your skin

The skin is your biggest organ and is growing daily by 0.01 millimeter and will renew within 28 days its outer layer. Old and dead basal cells will fall off and new will grow in one skin cycle. With our LEZAY skin coach you will understand your skin better and can monitor internal and external factors that may improve or worsen your skin during one skin cycle.

Internal factors may influence your hormone curves, for instance your diet that has an ultimate impact on your metabolism, your stress level but also how well your body can recover during the night. As you may have realized already, internal factors are influencing the condition of your skin. The LEZAY skin coach allows you to document these factors and to start with your individual skin diary to understand how these factors may worsen your skin texture.

As external factors we have defined the climate your living but also the skincare routine you may apply. Skincare can improve the skin condition and can nutritate your moist level, can neutralize bacteria that may cause acne or blemishes and can prevent premature aging. The LEZAY Skin Coach will measure how effective your currently used skincare is.

Our vision: Find effective skin care (H2)

Our vision is LEZAY: an independent platform that his conducting crowded clinical long-term studies on the efficacy of cosmetics. Hence, we need you: If everyone of us is participating in the effectiveness measurement of skincare we can fast learn which skincare works and with not.

The LEZAY Skin coach scans your face daily and is measuring your skin condition. For scanning your face we use biometric face recognition and artificial intelligence. We work with two dermatologists and calibrate our assessment of skin concern strengths. But we also want your personal assessment how you may feel that your acne, blemishes or enlarged pores are currently doing.

In addition with each face scan we will ask you five simple questions about your lifestyle: You can assess how stressful your day was, how much water you may have drank and how well you have slept. These information will be mapped to the products you are currently using within your daily morning and evening routine.

We recommend you to scan your face daily: Best would be after your morning or evening routine when your face is not covered with any makeup. We are currently working on an AI mirror that can support an automatic tracking of your skin and your AM/PM routine. However, currently you need to use your smartPhone app to track the fitness of your skin.

With your daily face scan we are calculating the effectiveness of your used skincare and we will use with your acceptance sanitized and anonymous these data for the long-term studies on the skincare. Hence, if you are looking for skincare you will find on LEZAY the efficacy measurements of the products and how many people may currently use this product and their results.

The LEZAY Team

We are a team of three visionars and thinkers:
Simone, who has gained significant experience in clinical studies and digital medicines and has the vision to conduct crowd long-term studies on cosmetics. Within the digitalization it should be easy to share our experiences of effective skincare in order to allow a skin transformation for everyone.

Kyndrea is the technical architect that has build-up lezay on the newest technology framework and is excited to bringing it to the next level.

Raphael who is supporting the team by defining data structures and statistical calculations and is a major sparring partner.

Kyndrea ist das technische Pendant zu Simone und hat die Systemarchitektur realisiert mit vielen modernen technologischen Framework.

LEZAY is a German-American start-up that has been only financed through own means and is acting independently from cosmetic manufacturers. How do you like our vision? We are looking forward to get your feedback.

Is skin care effective?

By definition a cosmetic product is not allowed to cause any hormonal reaction in the body; that means topical used cosmetic should not be absorbed to deeper layers of your skin and should get into your cardiovascular system. That is why skincare does not need any medication FDA approval and can only care for your skin and protect it to recover. But skin care should be working and should gently hydrate your skin and protect of environmental stress, without having any harmful ingredients such as parabens.

However, we have researched and there is a huge difference between the effectiveness of the formulation of different skincare, which is supporting your natural regeneration process and which is not stressing your skin. Unfortunately, studying only the ingredient list / INCI list is indeed providing you a good overview with what ingredients the product has been formulated, but it is not giving you any insights how the skincare has been formulated. The efficacy of the formulation of a skincare product needs to be monitored with long-term studies and different study participants.

Cosmetic manufacturers are conducting studies before launching a new formulation; they will examine if the skincare is not causing any irritations or allergies. But long-term studies are expensive and hence cosmetic manufacturers are not able to conduct efficacy studies as pharmaceutical companies may require to do. Hence, they conduct limited tests and the claims on the cosmetic products may not be true: who may know that this product can really counterfeit aging or acne?

Maybe you have experienced the same as we have: Very often you buy / try a new skin care product and you hope it may do blackhead removals or even your skin tone. But already after certain days you may realize that this product is not working on your skin and you are disappointed and you can’t give back this product.

Find skin care tailored to your needs

The skin coach app is supporting you to find the right cosmetic tailored to your needs: You either get recommendations of products that match your filters, such as price, ethical or ingredient preferences and will propose you the best matching skincare.

That means, if you have for instance currently strong blemishes, our skin coach will propose you first products that were most effective on blemishes within the LEZAY community.

But you can also use the LEZAY skin coach to figure out on the go which skincare works on your skin and which not: You can scan the barcode of your product or look it up within our database. We will assess if this skincare works for you or not. This function will allow you to not buy any cosmetics that may not work on your skin and that is not fitting to your profile. We think this will make your life much easier to find good products among all these brands.