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Get insights to your skin - see if your skincare works

Mobile Skin Sensor

Get the mobile skin sensor and measure on daily basis if your skincare works
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coming in Feb 2017
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For too long you were gropping in the dark: Do you really kow if the daily skincare you use is effective and improving your skin? Cosmetics has become skin changing and with the right skincare, lifestyle and guidance from your LEZAY skin coach you can improve your skin condition.

In our LEZAY app we use your camera for scanning your skin and you need to buy a moisture device to get insights of sebum and hydration level of your skin.

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Sebum: The oil production is steered genetically as well as through hormones and your metabolism. Find out what internal factors make your skin produce more sebum, e.g. diet, hormones, stress, sleep, etc

Hydration: Hydration is also partially steered internally but can be also improved through good skincare.

How it works

The LEZAY App measures your skin moisture and sebum, scans your current skin condition and recods internal and external factors that influences your skin health
Skin type en Skin type en mobile
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  • Skintype color Skin type gray

    How well your skin is hydrated and how much sebum it produces

  • Skin concern color Skin concern gray

    How your skin concerns such as blemishes, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. develop

  • Skincare color Skincare gray

    How effective your currently used skincare is

  • Lifestyle color Lifestyle gray

    How your current lifestyle such as diet, hours of sleep and stress level influences your skin

Our App helps you find out:

SEBUM: The Sebum level of your skin indicates how much ‘oil’ your skin produces in its pores. This oil is given to the skin’s surface and forms with the water that circulates within and around the cells a water-oil-barrier. The more oil your skin produces the better the water can be hold within your skin, the better your skin is hydrated. In the same time a more active oil production causes blemishes and large pores, because the oil blocks the pores.

HYDRATION: The Hydration level of your skin indicates how much water your skin is able to store within the skin tissue. As mentioned above the hydration is directly dependent of your skin’s oil production. The more oil, the stronger is the water-oil-barrier of your skin and the less water can diffuse. A good hydrated skin appears firm and smooth and is less susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

SKIN TYPES: The sebum and hydration level of your skin determine which skin type you have. If the oil production is balanced, your skin is perfectly hydrated and we call this a ‘normal skin’. If your oil production is too strong, your skin is mostly well hydrated but has often problems with large pores, blemishes and acne. We call this a ‘oily skin’. If your oil production is too weak, your skin suffers hydration and is susceptible to wrinkles. This is known as a ‘dry skin’. And of course there is the ‘combination skin’ where different face areas show different sebum and hydration levels.