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Aqua/ Water Ascorbic Acid Alcohol Denat. Dipropylene Glycol Glycerin Laureth-23 Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone Sodium Hydroxide Tocopherol Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid Pinus Pinaster Bark/ Bud Extract Code. F.I.L: B199063/1


Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector

This satisfies the following steps in a Skin Routine: Serum

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Our skin corrector with 15% pure Vitamin C giving you brighter skin in 10 days Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector, with 15% pure Vitamin C, brightens skin in just 10 days. In 10 days, skin is brighter, complexion looks rested, fresher an... Read More
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How To Use

Place 4 to 5 drops in the palm of a clean hand. Apply once per day (morning or evening) using fingertips on freshly cleansed and dry skin. Avoid the eye and lip area. Follow up with a minimum SPF 15 product. Use the product for 10 days continuously for best results. Use as a 10 day treatment for whenever you want rested and brighter skin. It is recommended to not use this product along with any other skin abrasive peel or product containing acids as this may lead to skin irritation. The initial reaction to the product may be a slight tingling sensation as your skin gets used to the Vitamin C. This is considered a normal reaction however if you experience stinging or burning sensation, please discontinue use.