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kaolin, triticum vulgare (wheat) flour extract, gluconolactone, parfum (fragrance), papain, bromelain, bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) leaf/stem extract, xanthan gum.

Purify 4D Face

Purify 4D Face

This satisfies the following steps in a Skin Routine: Daily Exfoliant

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Cellular renewal facial treatment that ensures an in depth exfoliation, efficient and unaggressive. Four mechanisms: enzymatic, chemical, mechanical and detoxifying. Eliminates dead cells and reveals a uniform, soft, luminous skin.... Read More
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Glucanolactone | Tocopherol | Bamboos

How To Use

Skin routine: 1-2 times per week in the evening
When: After cleanser
How much: 1 Tea Spoon
How: Apply product on a wet palm and apply 4 drops of water and mix with the index finger. Apply the product on the face starting with the areas in greater need of exfoliation and gently massage in. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the face. Rinse thoroughly off with warm water.
Regeneration: The peeling removes dead skin cells and promotes the formation of new skin cells. Visible more glowing and radiant skin after one time usage.
Tip: If your skin is very tired and stressed we recommend to use for one month daily.