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Oleosom- und Smart Booster Technologie sorgen für verstärkten Lichtschutz und liefern der Haut wertvolle Antioxidantien. Vitamine C und E, Traubenkern und Grüner Tee bekämpfen freie Radikale. Avobenzon und Octinoxat sorgen für Lichtschutz.

Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Solar Defense Booster SPF50

This satisfies the following steps in a Skin Routine: Sun Cream, Day Cream

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Add critical UVA and UVB defense to your moisturizer or foundation with this Broad Spectrum sunscreen for all skin conditions. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.... Read More
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Vitamin E

How To Use

Skin routine: daily morning and evening
When: After cleanser
How much: Pea Size
How: give drops on index finger. Massage evenly into your face followed by gentle pat . Wait until the skin is dry before you start to moisturizer your skin
Regeneration: The skin is plumper after one week and
Tip: Shake well before each use