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Skin Analysis

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Every skin is different!

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Step 1: We Define Your Skin Type

The first step in our LEZAY skin analysis is the determination of your skin type, which for everyone is different, such as a genetic fingerprint. The determination of your skin type is also a prerequisite for receiving a free skincare treatment plan to test.

The skin type is the current consistency of your skin’s sebum and hydration level. The oil or sebum content of the skin is essentially determined by internal as well as external factors: your diet, your stress level, sleep deficit, wind, air conditioning, heating, stress, hormonal changes and cannot be influenced in the narrow sense by a skincare routine. The hydration level of your skin correlates with the sebum level, but this can be improved or worsened by good or bad facial care. Therefore, it is important to choose facial care which corresponds to the current sebum level and does not attack the skin's natural acid mantle. There are different ways to perform a skin analysis. At LEZAY, we have developed an online diagnostic tool with dermatologists and skin therapists. By determining your skin structure on the forehead, cheeks and chin we determine your skin type.

The normal skin produces 1.2g of oil (sebum) per day and has a slightly acid pH of 5.5, which is why it is well hydrated. If your skin produces more sebum (2.3g) then it has the oily skin type. Should it produce less (> 1g), then it is considered as dry skin. Many people have a so-called combination skin in which the pores on the forehead, nose and cheek (T-zone) produce more sebum (oily) than on the cheeks. From January 2017 onwards, we will also have a skin-measuring sensor, which can precisely measure your sebum as well as hydration level of the skin. This allows you to monitor daily by which factors your skin changes accordingly. The main goal of determining the skin type is to find out what your skin needs and how you can improve it to get the best results.

You're not sure what your skin type is? Make our online skin analysis. You must register on, then you will also receive a skincare treatment plan to test for free, tailored to your skin profile.

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Step 2: We Define Your Skin Concerns

Regardless of the skin type, your skin can be in different skin conditions. A skin condition can get back into balance by proper skincare. In our definition there are the following skin conditions:

Skin impurities, acne and enlarged pores are the result of extreme sebum / oil production. Oil production can not be changed; However, skin care may be improved with good working skincare.

Hyperpigmentation and age spots are caused by excess melanin formation and are caused by sun damage. If you use too little sun protection, the melanin structure of your skin can be damaged and brown discolouration occurs. That is why we always make sure that you wear sun protection even in winter.

Wrinkles and lack of elasticity occur with the aging process and the degrading ability of your skin to produce collagen and elastin. There are active ingredients such as retinol, which are proven effective to retreat wrinkles.

Couperose, neurodermatitis, rosacea or psoriasis are skin diseases that require special care. We considere these, since with the wrong skincare the condition can even worsen.

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What Are My Benefits of Having a Skin Profile from LEZAY?

Anyone who has made his skin analysis on has the following advantages:

Face Mapping - You can see the current strength of your skin conditions, and you can observe them over time as your skin improves or not.

Anyone who creates his or her skin profile will get a skincare Treatment Plan that matches the skin type and skin concern. Our skin coaches provide you with a package and you can test the products free of charge for 2-4 days.

With your skin profile, you can review all products in our shop and rank accordingly.

When shopping in our shop, you can activate your profile and thus only filter according to the products that match your skin profile. So you're not running any risk of accidentally buying the wrong product.